Magic Book
And find the wonder in your heart.
Embrace the rush of adventure.

Leap into a realm of magic.

Freshly Told.

Myth & Magic


My stories play in mysterious realms. Worlds filled with magic, myth, and mayhem! Messengers convene with Alchemists. Fates play with Gods. And seemingly ordinary humans discover their most extraordinary selves.


Whether you wish to encounter the Sisters of Fate in Manhattan or a mysterious Messenger in far away lands, my fantastic tales are for you. And if your deepest wish is creative inspiration and a willing conspirator, dive into my site!



  • Sometimes, we are unsure of the next step. We know we are headed on a path. We feel the wind at our back. But we have no idea where we are headed. Those are precious times....

  • For years, I did not journal. I set them aside while I channelled all of my energy into creative projects. Screenplays. Films. Novels. Gardens. All of which, I love......

  • We have arrived in challenging times. Truth be told, we all know the world has been in trouble for a while. We hear the warnings. We see the news. Perhaps, like you, I have wished it away......


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