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My stories play in mysterious realms. Worlds filled with magic, myth, and mayhem! Messengers convene with Alchemists. Fates play with Gods. And seemingly ordinary humans discover their most extraordinary selves.


Whether you wish to encounter the Sisters of Fate in Manhattan or a mysterious Messenger in far away lands, my fantastic tales are for you. And if your deepest wish is creative inspiration and a willing conspirator, dive into my site!



  • I am a self-professed control freak. Most of us are. Truly. Deep down. After all, we were sold on a belief of earning our keep. Reward through persistent struggle. Anything worth having requires a fig...

  • This week, Fantastic Friday is all about the holiday weekend! When I see a holiday coming up, I crave a new novel. Since I will be spending the Memorial Day weekend reuniting with the lovely Los Angel...

  • During my final days in NYC, I am compelled to share a passage from Blue Moon. Helen has guided me to many places in this city. And one of my favourites is the New York Library. I felt her presence by...


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