The Blessings of Simple Gifts

The Blessings of Simple Gifts

winterbeautyIn the spirit of the season, I am grateful to offer these words to you, featured on The Curious Mystic.

I have learned many lessons in 2016. And I aspire to learn many more in 2017.

Many blessings to you all. May this time of year bring peace to your soul and joy to your heart. xo

As 2016 comes to a close, I realize how challenging this year has been. For myself, for the world, for many of my friends.

And yet, in the midst of chaos, one of the greatest gifts I received was the clarity that the simplest accomplishments give me the most pleasure.

Lifting a friend’s spirits. Creating a delicious meal. Writing by the glow of a candle.

I am a person who typically overcomplicates life. My mind races ahead in the day to judge my progress before I take a single step. My ego believes I should be doing ten times what I have achieved. And my heart gets confused by the inordinate amount of pain and suffering in the world.

These little dialogues dominate my days…


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Kate Tremills
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