Blue Moon: The Inception

blue moon

Blue Moon: The Inception

Blue Moon CoverEvery story comes to me in a different way. The timing is not always convenient. Nor is the entry graceful. The tale might whisper, then disappear for years, before arriving in full force.

Blue Moon showed up when I finished one novel and was looking to create a new one. I had hoped to return to stories that appeared in the past. Characters I loved. Worlds I wanted to revisit. My heart ached to write them.

And always, I give the muses the power of choice.

This time, when I sat down at the laptop keys, the magical muses delivered Helen. Peeking through a door. Taking a risk. Exploring where she was not invited. With her dramatic and curiosity-piquing entrance, I could not resist following.

She took me on quite a journey. One I did not anticipate. A path I may not have walked had I known what lay ahead. Yet when a character whispers, beckoning with adventure and mischief, I cannot help myself. One of the greatest gifts of creating is the unknown. The allure of the mystery.

The deep dive into the ocean with a prayer that you will know how to swim in new, ever-deeper waters.

So, when Helen called, like the Sirens and Mermaids of ancient times. I fell for her. I crashed against my fair share of rocks. Each time, picking myself up and setting sail once more. And when I held the finished story in my hands, my body released the scrapes and bruises — and resonated with the thrill of the ride.

That is the glory of creating. A joyride I choose every time.


Blue Moon available for pre-order on Amazon! Releasing in paperback and Kindle in March, 2015.

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Kate Tremills
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