Change Is On The Wind

wild horse

Change Is On The Wind

wild horseSometimes, we are unsure of the next step. We know we are headed on a path. We feel the  wind at our back. But we have no idea where we are headed.

Those are precious times.

Why does everything need to be planned? Why do we have to know where the ship is sailing?

The most exciting times in life are when we don’t know where we are or where we might end up. Those are the moments, like coming across wild horses on a beach or finding yourself booking a travel ticket you never intended to buy, that lift you out of the ordinary. And into the Divine.

When was the last time that you trusted the wind? Is everything in your life signed, sealed and delivered? What space does that leave for fun, play, joy, spontaneity — all of the things we long for when life is almost over?

Reach inside and ask what truly matters.

Love. Desire. Beauty. They whisper in our ears every day. But are you listening? xo

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Kate Tremills
  • Martha Dunlop
    Posted at 12:40h, 16 February Reply

    YES! I flow with that wind more and more every day. It’s only when I stop that I feel heavy. Flying with you my lovely, who knows where we’ll land!

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