Creative Courage

Creative Courage

RavenHeart Press LogoCreativity is a passionate mistress. She appears filled with fire and love, demanding to be shared. Inspiring to create anew: whether on the page or in person or through a new, unexplored venue.

The tricky part with fire is that it burns.

Yes, that sounds obvious. But on the days when I ignore the fire and go about my business being distracted or putting everyone else first or being a pleasing machine … let me tell you, Creativity lets me know.

The aggravation starts small. Making me jumpier than usual. Or showing up in a quick retort to a mis-perceived attack. If I continue to ignore this fiery force, I turn into a whirling dervish. Minus the Divine Ecstasy. And that’s when things get ugly. Fire turns from a creative force to a destructive one. Tearing down relationships. Ripping up manuscripts. And worst of all, taking me down from inside. The harshest kind of destruction.

No one knows how to tear us up like our own Shadow. The fears appear from a primal place. And denied Creativity suddenly looks like a Demon that was manufactured specifically to find all your soft spots and make them hurt like hell.

So I have made a vow to stay attuned to my fiery Creativity mistress. To check in when I know that I have denied her too long. Putting everything aside (as the lovely Marie Forleo calls it — “Get on the NO train. Choo Choo!”), to sit my patootie in a cushy chair with a cappuccino at my fingertips, and let her fire BURN.

We all have a spark and a fire to share. Let her out! Let ‘er rip! And always put your creativity first. For the sake of your soul, your heart, and the whole wide world.

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Kate Tremills
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