Fantastic Fridays: Isabel’s Heart


Fantastic Fridays: Isabel’s Heart

roseAs I weave my way through NYC, I find myself drawn to the hidden magic. This is the essence of the tale, Queen Isabel.

She sees events that are yet to happen. Senses the hidden feelings of her court. And Isabel chooses when to share these hidden realities. For there is danger and opportunity in magical sight.

May we all choose wisely in our lives.

Enjoy! xo

Isabel looked up at the fading sunlight, retreating back along the dark mahogany floorboards and the soft woven rug. As though even the sun had sensed her mood and was pulling away. Sending in her elegant yet emotional replacement, Luna.

As the protector of her people, part of Isabel’s job was to pay attention to the more subtle shifts in the Kingdom. She often noticed how her staff grew more impatient and temperamental at this time of day. Particularly in the winter months, when there was less sunshine and the shift into darkness came earlier.

Always this was when the arguments broke out. And she would have to be her most serene and impartial to guide the combatants to a resolution. As the moon swapped places with the sun, she not only experienced spats among the kitchen staff; that nighttime temptress also brought the wolf out in men. Then sent them hunting for a mate.

She smirked a little. Enjoying the memory of a knight, in a fit of passion, throwing himself at her feet and claiming his undying love. Isabel knew these moments always faded. She was well tuned to the emotional tides of the planets. Convincing an honorable knight that his feelings were misplaced was another matter entirely.

Isabel admitted there was a place in her female heart that adored the display. For all her years, she had been trained to hold back. To restrain herself. That a Queen’s duty was to be calm, serene, above the fray of such actions. But Isabel’s heart. That was another territory altogether. One that few had ever known.

Her heart was filled with passion and fire. She longed to set her heart free to roam the world and explore uncharted territory. To leap onto the deck of a ship and find the mysterious lands that the astrologers claimed were just past the breadth of one sea. Filled with lush forests and deep rivers and enough resources to support the Great Lands for generations.

The babies nuzzled into her, as though sensing she had departed without them. The oldest had pulled close, not wanting to be left behind. But the younger, she had her eyes open, peering at her mother. Rapt and waiting for the stories coming from this new and foreign land. Isabel gazed back, feeling like she had been seen for the first time in many years by this little soul, barely one day old.

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Kate Tremills
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