Fantastic Fridays: Dragon Blessing


Fantastic Fridays: Dragon Blessing

caveAs I drink in the glorious magic of New York City, I am inspired to share fresh fiction. This tale is evolving … and you get a sneak peak!

My beloved Fiction Vixen sister, Kathryn Cottam, prompted me to make this offering. I am eternally grateful for her support and vision.

In honour of Earth Day, I give you this passage from deep in the belly of the Great Mother. xo

The dragon opened one eye.

She felt the footfalls in the upper reaches of her cave. Still, she did not move a scale. She knew the girl was coming.

The dragon had slumbered for many an earth year. Waiting for one to seek her. So long, in truth, she had given up on the mortal kind.

But today. Of all days. The girl approached.

The dragon did not feel the girl knew what she was doing. She sighed. And reproached the Great Mother beneath her belly. Truly? She asked. Not wishing to be inconsiderate. Had she not waited long enough? Did she not deserve a child who had some sense of her purpose?

Even as the thoughts surfaced, she understood she had no call to be ungrateful. The dragon had lived a long life. Blessed with much treasure. And had a warm, generous cave holding her while she awaited the desired one.

The girl might not make her way to the belly of the cave, the dragon considered. Nuzzling her belly deeper into the earth. She soaked in the natural patience of the soil.

For all that humans believe us to be rash, they have no idea the depths of dragon patience, she mused. Then chortled at the thought of how many mortals she might have eaten along her path. Imagining the surprised look on their faces.

She sighed. Blowing a storm of dust across the cave.

Since receiving the vision of a mortal one destined to call back the reign of the winged beasts, she had not eaten another human. Her stomach growled in protest. Deer and antelope were simply not enough to sustain a creature as large as she. But a promise she had made, and a promise she would keep.

At least until she knew the face of the one chosen by the Goddess.

After that day, she would be relinquished from her oath. She might choose to feast on the limbs of reckless and cruel warriors in celebration.

Her stomach growled again. She huffed her annoyance. Then wondered whether she was cheating. Drawing the girl to her by the tremor of her exhale.

I’ve waited long enough, the dragon announced to the Goddess. If you do not wish her to find me, send her away. This game grows tiring. And though I will not leave my post. I refuse to play mouse any longer. I am a dragon! She slapped the earth with her tail. Daring the Mother Goddess to strike her down.

Instead, the eyes of an innocent girl opened wide and peered at her from the mouth of her den. With a shaking voice, she addressed the dragon.

“H-hello,” she said. “My name is Jenna. W-what is yours?”

The dragon was most impressed that the girl had found her voice. If she had the courage to address a fearsome creature such as she, there might be hope for the mortals yet.

“You may call me Grace,” the Great Dragon replied.

“Grace,” the girl whispered. And stared at the dragon in awe.

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