The Joy in Creation

The Joy in Creation

creative journeyThe creative journey like life, has its ups, downs, and turnarounds. There are days when the words flow. And days when you are lucky to get an idea. Let alone see any paint on the canvas or words on the page. The longer I create, the more I learn to embrace that each day is unique. Of course, the embracing part usually comes after frustration, temper tantrums, frustrated bike rides, and sometimes just plain railing at the gods.

Then I remember that the whole kit and caboodle is actually the process. Who’s to say that frustration isn’t as beautiful and intentional as when words flow so fast you can’t keep up? When you’re on a path that isn’t meant for you, aren’t you later grateful for the diversion that drove you crazy in the moment but, in hindsight, was the perfect way to get you back on track?

I’ve been writing for many years. Recently, I was sharing with my creative team that I began as an oral storyteller. Creating tales spontaneously for an audience of dolls, an apple tree, my patient cats, or me. The pure joy of making up stories was all that mattered. The stories filled my heart with love, my time with play, and my day with purpose. I really didn’t care how they came out, I just rolled with the telling. Funny, how as we get older, there has to be a destination. A reason. A justification for the time we spend in an activity that we love.

I love playing with words and capturing the rich worlds that appear in my head like a breathtaking magic trick. I feel blessed that these worlds make me so happy that I spend hours in them, chasing characters to see what they will get up to and who they might meet.

So when does that turn into a chore? A frustration?

When I decide in my infinite, controlling wisdom that they need to dance to my timeline. I have deadlines, of course. But sometimes (lots of times) my characters have a very different understanding of when the story is ready to appear. They decide that I am not meant to skip down the path unobstructed. Rather, they throw a block down and wait until I come to the story with a joyful heart…and then I am ready for the next chapter or draft.

What keeps you from creating with a free and joyful heart? Comparison? Judgment? Doubt?

Know that you are infinitely creative and the worlds you share – through dance, cooking, speaking, writing, designing – are a beautiful expression of your soul. No one else’s. Yours. Your path to that expression will always be unique. Fast, slow, or sideways. Love every step. And trust it is all yours.



Kate Tremills
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