The Joy Portal

The Joy Portal

portalAs we embrace a new year of possibilities, I am discovering that creation exists in the little things. The way I dress in the morning. My nourishing coconut cappuccino. The love and consciousness in my meditation. And the loving stories I put into the world.

Each day is a portal into creativity. Every moment, the Divine asks whether we want to open the door. Or turn away. Sometimes we aren’t ready. Sometimes we don’t see the opening.

I know the distraction tornado well. Usually a thought grabs hold of me then round and round I go. Whirling in the dust of obsession or worry. Until I catch the movement. I see the spin. And I breathe. Deep and open.

Then I find my feet. I feel my body. And I step through the portal of joy. The present in the moment. The creation of my life through a simple breath and a loving acceptance. I allow my whole body to sigh. The tornado of “should,” “must,” “why didn’t I” dissipates … and I return.

As I feel myself again, I open to what my heart wants. The bliss it offers. That is the magic in creativity. Embracing the love. Letting go of the old must-do, must-be, must-have. And leaping through the doorway of joy.



Kate Tremills
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