“In times of great darkness, courage lights the way home.”
Blue Moon
“Something deep and unfamiliar was afoot.
      Their roles, as they understood them, were being revised.”
“She stepped off the branch of comfort.
      And into the arms of faith.”

“K.M. Tremills is the gold standard for strong, independent and feminine heroines. Blue Moon is the start of a wickedly clever trilogy!”

Kathryn Cottam, The Shoemaker

“K.M. Tremills writes with passion and understanding about a young woman’s rite of passage. Blue Moon is a compelling tale!”

– Elizabeth Stanley, Dark Path Chronicles

“I fell in love with these vibrant characters. Blue Moon is a delightfully dark blend of quirky, flirty, sarcastic, and charming.”

– Vanessa Mayville, Vanessa Mayville Designs

“Blue Moon is a witty, fast-paced novel with wonderfully written characters that immediately drew me into their story. I can’t wait to meet them again in the next book!”

– Laura Wrubleski, Designer

“Messenger is an absolute treasure and fascinating story. The storytelling and the cast of characters are unique and make the novel a true joy to read.”

– Renee Alarid, Designer

“The ancient wisdom in the engaging story of Gabriella comes through in the eloquent words of K.M. Tremills. Messenger can be read on many levels all of which are entertaining.”

– Jen Clarke, Institute of Play

“Messenger is brilliant … a fantastic journey that steps into a realm of mysticism and fantasy. K.M. Tremills causes the reader to ponder their own beliefs.”

– Barb Weston, Inner Focus Holistic Healing

“Well-written and entertaining. The pacing fast and smooth. Messenger gets it all just right.”

– Joe Gazzam, Uncaged


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