Queen Isabel: A Great Lands Short Story

Queen Isabel: A Great Lands Short Story

Queen-Isabel-CoverWhen I write a novel, I follow the lead of the characters. Sometimes I know where they will take me. Other times, I am completely surprised. Along the way, I meet many intriguing characters. People I want to sit down with, talk to, and find out all the little details of their lives.

Unfortunately, as in life, I often get only a glimpse of a person. Just enough to make me wonder: Who is she and where is she from? What are her dreams? Does she have secrets? Is there someone she loves with all her heart? I might not even find out her name…when the story leads me away.

Fortunately, in writing, I can circle back at another time. And inquire whether that person is willing to tell her tale. If I ask just the right way, with my fingers poised over the keys, sometimes she will choose to share.

Just such an invitation brought forth the short story, Queen Isabel. The Great Lands prequel to Messenger, in which the Queen recalls the day her twin girls were born. She knew they were destined to change the fate of the world. Find out how Queen Isabel received this message. Creating an impossible choice for a mother and queen – between protecting her daughters or her people.

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