Short Story Month

Short Story Month

shortstorymonth320x320As we enter the last week of May, I had to squeak this post under the line! May is Short Story Month. I absolutely adore short stories. Whether I only have an evening to read a story or want to experience the intense exploration of an idea or character in a tightly packed bundle of words, short stories never fail to deliver.

Later this year, I will release a collection of stories written with Kathryn Cottam and Roberta Cottam. The heart of our collaboration will be re-telling fairy tales and myths, sharing these stories in a way they have never been told. That collection will be released in the Fall. Each tale will explore the untold secrets behind the commonly understood story.

Whether you want individual stories on Kindle Singles or Kobo, or complete collections to enjoy when you have time, I highly encourage you try short stories. They pack a punch and spark curiosity. They draw you in…to fall in love with a protagonist in a mere ten, twenty, or forty pages. They haunt you years later with an idea that winds round your heart until you understand it at a depth you never saw coming when you finished reading the last page.

Explore the amazing short stories available on Amazon. Many are on sale until the end of the month (including my Great Lands tale, Queen Isabel). If you need some inspiration, these are some of my favourite stories and collections:

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Kate Tremills
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