The Inspiration Dance

The Inspiration Dance

Cherry1 Every time inspiration appears, I am in awe. I view the visitation as a miracle. Sometimes the spark appears in the palm of a dear friend, showing me what I love. Other times, she dances on the edge of my mind as I watch a movie. Then there are the missives that arrive as I stroll among the trees in the warm streets.

Most recently, I am discovering the alchemy of collaboration. When my creative dance partners, Kathryn and Roberta Cottam, join me to discuss upcoming projects, the gods and goddesses inevitably throw lightening bolts of inspiration.

Just last week, we gathered online to plan our annual calendar of projects … and in the midst of our discussion … we were struck with a new project that lit us all up with enthusiasm and joy. Within 24 hours, we each had stories blossoming in our minds. New worlds opening up to our imaginations. And a stunning new book cover from Roberta that knocked Kathryn and I off our seats.

When I see the book cover, it takes my breath away every time. And calls me to write stories for a collection that was only imagined a few days ago.

Inspiration is much like falling in love. The more my heart opens, the more I feel the possibilities. As I trust myself and my fellow creators, the seeds of joy and beauty grow. Opportunities present themselves like cherry blossoms raining to the streets. And I find there is a multitude of ways to fall madly in love with this world.

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Kate Tremills
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