The Journey Inside

The Journey Inside

For years, I did not journal.

I set them aside while I channelled all of my energy into creative projects. Screenplays. Films. Novels. Gardens. All of which, I love. And all of which I am grateful I created.

Yet, this year, I knew it was time to commit to my inner story. To spend time every day to explore my inside lands. The adventure I have been on my whole life.

A journal is a best friend, a sister, a confessional. All the space you need to explore what is happening today, where you stepped yesterday, and where you may fly tomorrow. A map. A lover. A guide.

All of which is found in you. And in me.

The territory we seek outside of ourselves, we find in exploring our inner questions. The quests we dive into via novels, films, friends, and travel – all of them are guided by the voice in our hearts.

And so, wouldn’t you love to know that voice better? I do.

I call it my inner compass. My true heart’s desire.

That pours forth most easily for me into the pages of a journal. For others, it may be with a fiddle, a piano, or a long ride on a bicycle. I also encourage you to write your words in the blank pages of a journal. To know yourself better. To love every emotion, sentiment, and dream that springs from your heart.

You are the most precious gem of all. The greatest adventure in the world.

Why not grab a pen and discover what you have to say? xo

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Kate Tremills
  • Lynne Corkum
    Posted at 11:35h, 07 February Reply

    My darling Kate, I am so glad you have returned to your journals! Perhaps it’s because you have reached that place where thoughts are more free flowing and there is no ‘goal’ to reach. I no longer freak out if I don’t journal every day….sometimes I am too angry or sad or just feeling too weird. I’m entitled to that but unless I plan to burn that journal, it’s not what I want to leave behind….and there has been a book burning or two! Those pages will be all that is left of me some day and I want you all to read and understand how proud you all have made me, how grateful I am to have been a Mother and yes, even some of the challenges and frustrations that came with it. I hope you will laugh when you read my journals, blogs, and stories and even have a few, “My God, I never knew that!” moments as well. There are things I feel more comfortable putting in a journal than sharing in person but never if it’s hurtful to someone else and never if it’s something I wouldn’t have the courage to say to their face someday. My journals will be a history of MY time and who knows, maybe the catalyst for a series by KM Tremills! Love you always.

    • kTremills
      Posted at 11:47h, 07 February Reply

      I love that you have burned journals. Me too! When I was a teenager and definitely because I chose to leave those stories in ashes, rather than for someone to find. If it’s possible to admire you more, I deeply love that you do not write what you would not have the courage to say to someone. That is the mark of a kind heart. We all feel anger, frustration, despair – the less pretty emotions – and yet, we also get to choose how we express those feelings. And heck yeah! My favourite stories are the ones that start with discovering a surprise … like lost journals. xox

  • Alyssa Ostrander
    Posted at 15:31h, 07 February Reply

    Wonderful post, Kate!

  • Martha Dunlop
    Posted at 06:31h, 08 February Reply

    It all started with journals for me! I wrote piles of them. I’m exploring writing journals in a new way now. It’s an interesting journey. Thanks for sharing, Kate! ❤

  • Megan Barker
    Posted at 12:36h, 15 February Reply

    Beautifully said Kate!
    As someone who has always loved journaling, I can relate so much to this. Although I haven’t been writing in my personal journal lately, reading this has inspired me to get back to it. <3 Thank you Kate for sharing your wisdom.

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