The Truth About Kate – Part One


The Truth About Kate – Part One

ravenheart-pressThe very talented, Kathryn Cottam, recently challenged me to answer these questions:

1. What is your daily writing routine?

While I don’t write every day, I do something creative every day. I go for a walk and think about my characters. I ponder the changes needed in the second draft of the novel I am writing. I share about my adventures on my blog. I reach out and have creative conversations with my fellow writers and artists. I sing loudly while driving my car or dance around my office while listening to Songza. Basically, I do something (or a few things) every day to feed my creative soul.

2. Where do you get your ideas from?

These days, the ideas find me. The moment I put my hands on the keyboard and declare myself ready for a story, the character arrives. My protagonist is usually in the middle of getting herself into or out of trouble. She arrives fully drawn and ready to tell her tale. During the first draft, I merely follow. On the second draft, I put the editor’s hat on and tighten up the way the story is told. I feel like a story stalks me for a while, waiting until I am ready…and make the space…to allow the tale to arrive.

3. Out of all of the stories you’ve written so far, what would be your favourite and why?

Oh, that’s a tough question. I feel like you are asking me to choose my favourite child. Each story suits a different mood and time in my life. So if I speak for this moment,  I wrote a TV series called, The Importance of Being Sara, that I plan to rewrite as a novel. This story has tugged at my heart strings for years. The tale begins in New York City and ends up on a small fictional island in the Pacific Northwest replete with portals and spirits. I love that the tale combines all of my favourite elements – magic, transformation, doorways between worlds, romance, and healing an old belief that holds the protagonist back from becoming her true, whole self.

4. Besides writing, what other things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I adore creative conversations with spontaneous people who believe that life can change in the flash of a moment. I ride my bike all over Vancouver and anywhere else there is a smooth stretch of paved road that offers beauty and speed. I meet with my favourite writers, Kathryn Cottam and Roberta Cottam, in our crazy collective (name to be unveiled soon!), brainstorming all kinds of fun ideas for our books and brands, including attending the Sirens fantasy fiction conference in October. And I travel…wherever the wind calls, I roam. I adore travelling. Being in a new place, or a place that shifts all the time like New York City, feeds my muse like no other activity.



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