Writing Up a Storm

Writing Up a Storm

IMG_1974This week, I am writing up a storm…creating my second novel, Blue Moon. While I dedicate my keyboard time to my book, I am sharing fewer words on the blog. Don’t tell my characters! They’d be seriously pissed if they knew I was playing here instead of on the page.

I had to skip out and share a few resources that have been both supportive and nourishing for me over the last few weeks:

  • Write. Publish. Repeat: These lads are brilliant, authentic, and above all – generous. They share their experience in the Indie Publishing realm and how they built a steady flow of income. Reading this book is inspiring and heartening. Even if you read it and decide the indie path isn’t for you, they’ll save you a heck of a lot of precious time.
  • The Creative Penn: Joanna Penn is a fiction writer who also has an invaluable blog and podcast. She interviews writers, entrepreneurs, and publishing industry giants…all in service of her community of writers. A goldmine of information, wisdom, and people who will change your life as an independent author and business person.
  • The Big Leap: Gay Hendricks shares wisdom distilled from many years of coaching. His brilliant concept of self-imposed upper limits that keep us from expressing our gifts in the world blew open doors for me. We all came by them innocently, and his book assists us to ditch the limits, embrace our gifts, and inspire those around us to do the same.

Enjoy! I better get back to the novel before there’s a riot in my office. See you soon!

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